BioSci®Disposable Virus Sampling Tubes

BioSci® Disposable Virus Sampling Tubes are intended for the collection and transport of clinical specimens containing viruses, chlamydiae, mycoplasma or ureaplasma from the collection site to the testing laboratory.

Each tube provides a viral collection device and transportmedium vial for transport of organisms.

Conventional Viral Transport Medium can be processed using standard clinical laboratory operating procedures forculture of clinical specimens.

Inactivated and Direct Extraction Viral Transport Medium can efficiently lyse clinical specimens and release nucleicacids for nucleic acid detection.

Advantages of the collection swabs:

  • The collection system uses nylon flockingswabs, which are non-toxic to micro organisms and can maximize the collectionand release of specimens.
  • The unique jet implanted nylon fiber technology increases the collection and release of specimens.
  • The swab has a total length of153mm, and the plastic rod has a unique breakable design.
  • The fluff texture can collect more targetanalytes.
  • There is no residual sample, speedup the processing of the specimen.
  • Swabs are individually packaged forsterilization.

Some tips of usage:

  • Collect specimens with the swab at corresponding parts.
  • Insert the swab into the tube with Viral Transport Medium.
  • Snap off the swab shaft at the pre-scored line by bending it against the tube wall.
  • Replace cap to tube and close tightly.
  • Label with appropriate information as required.
  • Transport the samples to the laboratory as soon as possible.
  • Specimens collected using models MB, MY, MBY, FB, FY, and FBY require nucleic acid extraction before nucleic acid detection;
  • Specimens collected using models DEB,DEY models can be directly used for nucleic acids detection without nucleic acid extraction or heated treatment.
  • Specimens collected using models DPB and DPY models were then heated at 65℃ for 15 min followed by 98℃ for 2 min to inactivate proteinase K and then directly used for nucleic acids detection.
  • The product usage diagram is as follow:

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