Q:How can we open the chamber if it is power off?

HP300 provides a backup solution to unlock the chamber manually 

Q:How can we make sure the tissue processor is in good working condition before we start our protocol?

HP300 can achieve self-check step before running the protocol.

Q:How many protocols are allowed to set?

There are no restrictions on the number of protocols. 

Q:How many protocols can be set as shortcut?

Basing on the current favorite requirements of most customers, at present, it is allowed to set up 4 shortcut programs, so you can start the protocol conveniently.

Q:Can you modify the finish time when the protocol is still in progress?

The end time of the program can be changed when the delay step is not completed yet. After the delay step, the end time of the program cannot be directly changed, but in this situation, we still can change the specified step time as well.

Q:Is it possible to fill the wax bath automatically when the wax is not enough?

Yes, the backup wax container will supplement the other wax baths if the paraffin is not enough, to keep the paraffine a normal level. 

Q:Can we change the protocol in the tissue processor?

The protocol is easy to view and edit in the program. You can also change the step in the program edit page.

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