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Semi-automatic Microtome


Dakewe MT1 semi-automated rotary microtome offers quality sections and effortless experience with engineered mechanism and ergonomic design, adapting to the need of every microtomists in the laboratory.

  • Precision oriented

    Patented 0 position indicator with pleasant motion feedback.
    Position memory function brings specimen head to desired position in one touch.
    Coarse feed wheel with pleasant motion feedback.

  • Engineered mechanisms

    Ultra-precise, sleek rail with cross roller bearings and force balance system bring ultimate sectioning experience and realiability.
    Fine step angle stepper motor for precise sectioning.
    Dovetail groove blade holder base guarantees stable, wobbling-free operation.
    Double lock ensures safety.

  • Ergonomics infused

    Smooth-running and light hand wheel thanks to expertly designed force balance system.
    Thumb design on the hand wheel to rest the thumb amid heavy workload.

  • Adapt to users

    Rocking mode allows trimming without a full rotation of handwheel, reducing fatigue.
    Smart switch between rocking mode and sectioning.

  • Convenient maintenance

    Large volume, removable waste tray with slope interior for effortless cleaning.
    Rounded corner in every corner protects laboratory technicians.
    Bottom glider makes cleaning easier.

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