Model 6250

Modular Control System
Modular control system.
Can be controlled by touch screen or joystick.
Defrost automatically / manually.
Hibernation automatically / manually, wake up in 15 minutes.
UV sterilization.
Semi-conductor refrigerant.
Section number and thickness calculation.

One-time injected model cover.
Anti-fog heating glass design.
Chromatic liquid crystal touch screen.
Safety and Quality
Light hand wheel with locking device on it.
Specimen clamp enables to adjust triaxially with a center block.
High precision guide rails made in Germany make transmission smooth, durable and be able to cut hard sample.
Retraction function is available.
Freezing Chamber
Extra large chamber with wide freezing shelf may hold 20 specimen discs meanwhile.
With waste tray and instrument rack.
Blade Holder
Wide or narrow blades optional.
Adjustable eccentric shaft ensures blade clamp tight.
Blade clamp can be moved horizontally on the guide rail for safety and making full use of blade.
Anti-rolling plate is horizontally, verticality adjustable, and also able to adjustangle and gap with pressing plate.
A pushing rod pops the blade out easily.

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